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A Prime Selling Market: Here’s What You Need to Sell Your Crofton Home

With a prime location and top-notch properties, the Crofton market is one of the hottest in the area. And if you’re a seller, that’s great news.

Looking to sell your home for top-dollar? Check out some of the need-to-know info about the Crofton market and the resources that Kyle McCarthy has to offer.

The Crofton Market

A row of houses with a tree in focus.According to Redfin, the Crofton market ranks as very competitive. Homes here have been selling for over $300,000 in the past few months, and they only last for a few weeks on the market. Even though the winter season is typically considered a slower time to sell, the Crofton market boasts a consistent sales pace!

Part of the reason that Crofton is such a competitive housing market is the city’s great location. Located between Baltimore and D.C., — with both cities sitting just over a half-hour away — Crofton residents have the opportunity to work in or visit the city every day, but can still home come to the peace and quiet of the suburbs.

Competitive Selling

A group of people meeting.Thanks to the location perks of life in Crofton, it’s a competitive market to buy a home in — a seller’s dream come true. While enlisting the help of a real estate expert is always recommended for sellers, it becomes necessary in such a fast-paced market.

You, no doubt, would like for your home to sell quickly and at a good price. For this to happen, you’ll first need to price your home accurately, which is a little harder than it sounds. If you price your home too low, you miss out on maximizing your profit. But if you price it too high, you won’t attract any buyers. A mistake in pricing can be costly in the Crofton market, so let a professional help you find the right price for your home.

Expert Resources

A group of people meeting.There’s a lot more to selling a home than just pricing it and letting it go from there. When the market is as competitive as Crofton, you’ll have to jump through a few more hoops to attract the right buyers — and keep them hooked until buying.

Once your home is listed, I’ll use my wide network of contacts and professional expertise to market it to every buyer interested in the region. As soon as buyers start coming in for showings, I’ll help you stage your home for success and keep your selling journey on track for closing. As always, I’ll be there to answer any and all questions along the way!

Ready to Get Started?

Don’t miss out on your chance to get in on this thriving market — list your Crofton home now with your local expert, Kyle McCarthy. Ranked as one of the Nation’s Top Real Estate Professionals with over $650 million in career sale, you can rest easy when you list your home with me.

Any questions? Feel free to give me a call today!

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