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6 Reasons Living in Baltimore is Pretty Much Awesome

When you think of America’s hottest cities or its best places to live, Baltimore probably isn’t the first—or maybe even the 10th—city to come to mind. Compared to trendy cities like NYC, DC, Miami, LA, and Seattle, Maryland’s largest city can get a bit overshadowed. But Baltimore is actually a pretty great place to call home.

Here are six reasons living in Baltimore is pretty terrific.

It’s Totally Charming & Rich in History

charming hampden neighborhood in baltimore

Reaching back through time into the early 1700s, the city of Baltimore is absolutely filled with history—charming cobblestoned streets, beautiful historic architecture, pivotal historic sites, fascinating museums… they can all be found here.

The Mount Vernon Cultural District (the original site of the Washington Monument) is a local favorite and is home to the Walters Art Museum, the Meyerhoff Symphony, the Peabody Library, and more.

Fort McHenry has been forever immortalized by the Star Spangled Banner, which Francis Scott Key famously penned after witnessing a British attack on the fort in 1814.

The Culture is Completely Unique, Hon

honfest in baltimore

From colorful communities like Hampden to the two-day “HonFest,” Baltimore is filled with unique slices of American culture you just won’t find anywhere else. Its dynamic neighborhoods have been featured in popular films like “Hairspray” and “Pink Flamingos”—as has the “hon” culture (think: 60s ladies with beehive hairdos and cat eyeglasses) that brought forth the famous HonFest.

Your Dollar Goes Further

charming new home in baltimore

Baltimore is definitely an affordable place to live. In fact, compared to the national index of 100, Baltimore’s cost of living comes in at a low 96. You’ll find yourself saving on groceries, utilities, and even healthcare after moving to Baltimore. But the biggest savings might just be in housing—where the average home price is 47% lower than the national average.

There’s Tons to Do—Night & Day

beautiful baltimore bay views

There’s always something happening in Baltimore! During the day, there are stores and restaurants to visit, parks to explore, events to attend. And of course, there are baseball games to attend at the beautiful Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

At night, the fun definitely doesn’t stop—there are clubs begging to be danced at in Downtown Baltimore, bars ideal for hopping in bustling neighborhoods like Fell’s Point and Federal Hill, and plenty of concerts and live events happening all around.

The Food. Is. Delicious.

eating delicious seafood when living in baltimore

There’s no denying Baltimore is a foodie town. The city’s probably best known for its blue crab (maybe Old Bay seasoning, too), but there’s a LOT more to Baltimore than the shellfish. In fact, the city’s been named one of the top US food cities and is home to Woodberry Kitchen, which took home the James Beard Foundation Award in the “Best Chef: Mid Atlantic” category.

The Arts Scene is Thriving

unique mural in baltimore

Baltimore might not be home to Hollywood, Broadway, or the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but it’s got a pretty robust arts scene all the same. And we’re not just talking major museums and cultural centers (like the Baltimore Museum of Art, the Contemporary Museum, or the Walters Art Museum)—what makes the Baltimore art scene truly unique are the local gems, like modern murals sponsored by the city’s arts council, outdoor sculptures, and even art events like the Kinetic Sculpture Race hosted by the American Visionary Art Museum.

Ready to Come Find Your Place in Baltimore?

If you’re thinking of relocating to or buying a home in the Baltimore area, then it’s time to contact me, Kyle McCarthy. I want to help you explore the area, discover its unique communities, and find the perfect home for you.

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