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Touch, Taste, Sound, Smell, & Sight: How to Appeal to Buyers’ Senses

When it comes to staging a home, you might already be familiar with the basics. While neutral colors and depersonalization can help lure buyers inside, sometimes a different approach can help them remember your listing. Want to help your property stand out among the rest? Here are a few ways to appeal to each of the five senses while selling your home.

Touch: Add soft fabrics and textiles

Stack of cloth

There’s nothing cozier than a warm blanket, and incorporating soft textiles into your space can tempt buyers into feeling right at home. Although they probably won’t spend most of the showing touching your things, creating a cozy vibe can leave a lasting impact.

Want to add some softness to your space? Consider incorporating a throw blanket on your bed or couch. Accent pillows and neutral toned rugs can also add just the right amount of warmth, too.

Taste: Bring on the baked goods


Most buyers tend to tour more than one house in a day, so snacks are almost always appreciated. Even if you aren’t much of a cook, it’s easy to put out some light refreshments for your visitors—and it can actually impact a sale.

Before buyers show up at your place, consider leaving out a plate of cookies or some bottled water in the kitchen. It’s an easy way to help them feel welcome in your space, and they’ll probably remember the extra effort in the long run.

Sound: Add some soft music

Amazon Alexa senses

While there’s nothing wrong with a quiet home, turning on some music before a showing can have a positive impact on buyers. All you have to do is play some soft classical, jazz, or instrumental tunes from your smart speaker or television.

Before you leave, be sure the music isn’t turned up too loud and that the appropriate tracks will play for the duration of the showing. If you have a surround sound system, it might also be a good opportunity to show off what it can do.

Smell: Eliminate foul odors

Person cleaning for senses

Before you can start inviting more pleasant scents into your home, it’s crucial to eliminate any foul odors. Trash, pets, mold, and mildew are common culprits, so be sure to do a deep clean before you list.

Once you’ve gotten rid of any lingering smells, it’s time to get creative. Simmer pots are an easy and cost-effective way to add some fantastic fragrances to your space. Just boiling water on the stove with some herbs, cloves, apples, and cinnamon sticks will do the trick!

Sight: Declutter and reorganize

Person reorganizing

Let’s face it—we all have clutter, but that doesn’t mean buyers want to see it. Every detail of your home will be scrutinized while it’s on the market, which means it’s crucial to get it looking its best.

Taking a weekend to reorganize can up your space’s visual appeal, and they’ll remember how clean and well-kept your home looked during the showing. If you’re eager to get started, it’s best to work room by room and figure out what you’re donating, keeping, and throwing away. If you keep at it, all of your clutter will disappear in no time!

Gearing Up to Sell?

If you need some help appealing to buyers’ senses, I’m here to help! As your Crofton area expert, I have what it takes to sell your home—and you can even list with just a few clicks. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions. I’m always available via phone or email!

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