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How Social Distancing Has Affected Real Estate in Crofton

Response to the COVID-19 pandemic has affected nearly every facet of life in nearly every country in the world—and real estate here in the Crofton area is certainly no exception. The way we buy and sell homes has changed, is changing, and may very well be changed permanently. Here’s what you need to know about how social distancing has affected real estate.

Social Distancing Has Affected Real Estate… In Some Ways

searching online for homes

The interesting thing to note about real estate is that no matter what happens, it keeps going. While unemployment soars, businesses remain closed, and people globally are told to stay home, real estate continues. Because the bottom line is that people need homes.

However, the way we buy and sell has definitely changed. Here’s what you need to know about how social distancing has affected real estate.

Homes are found online

a buyer searching for homes online

Even before the pandemic, the majority of buyers started their home searches on the internet. Now, however, online home search platforms have adapted to allow buyers to set incredibly detailed specifications—thus making it easier than ever to ensure you find the perfect home.

Virtual tours have become a must

 virtual home tour

Because in-person tours and meetings are limited, virtual tours have become quite a popular marketing tactic for many sellers and their agents. These photo or video compilations provide a more coherent “walkthrough” experience, giving buyers a more in-depth look than photos alone.

While a virtual tour might not replace an in-person tour, they can definitely help to weed out the homes you love (and want to see in person) from those you don’t.

Virtual showings allow buyers to tour… from home

using a video chat to tour a home

While virtual tours might not be quite the in-person touring experience you need to make a decision, there might actually be an option that doesn’t require you to leave the safety of home. Virtual showings allow a real estate agent to take a buyer on a live tour via video chat (like Zoom or Google Hangouts).

With a virtual showing, you can ask questions and direct your agent around the home in real time, without having to physically be in the home.

Want to Learn More About What’s Happening in Baltimore Real Estate?

Curious as to how your home buying or selling goals might have been affected by the current health crisis? Please feel free to contact me, Kyle McCarthy, at any time. I’d be happy to clear up any questions or concerns.

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