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4 Reasons to Sell Your Home in the Fall

As summer winds down and we enter back-to-school season, many would-be home sellers have started to consider whether it’s still a good time to list. Spring and summer are traditionally considered the hot seasons for home selling, but the good news is that there are merits to listing your home in every season of the year. In fact, there are quite a few good reasons to sell your home in the fall.

Sell Your Home in the Fall for These Hidden Benefits

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Summer is a high-demand time to sell, but it can be a busy and stressful time, too. Selling in the fall allows you to take advantage of some of the advantages of selling in the summer in a slightly more laid-back environment. Here are some perks of selling your home in the fall.

Housing demand is high

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Mortgage interest rates are lower than they’ve ever been before. In fact, they hover near 3% right now, which means big savings for buyers. As a result, the market has seen unexpectedly high buyer demand despite business closures, economic uncertainty, and social distancing measures.

If you plan on purchasing a new home with the equity from your old home, you too can take advantage of these rock-bottom interest rates. Depending on where you buy, it might actually be possible to buy a larger, more expensive home at a comparable monthly price.

You might face even less competition

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Interest rates are low, but inventory is low, too. In fact, we’ve seen some pretty steep declines in the number of homes for sale since last year. For sellers, this means not a lot of competition. And as the summer closes out and we enter the slower fall season, that number isn’t expected to climb—which is great news for sellers.

Fall is a beautiful time to show off your yard

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There’s just something about those beautiful fall colors that makes homes look absolutely stunning! Plus, thanks to the cooler weather, buyers are more likely to take their time enjoying your outdoor spaces and appreciating your home as a whole. It’s a great time to open your windows, let in a breeze, and cozy up with some warming fall scents.

Closing could be quicker (and less stressful)

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During the chaos of the summer market, banks, agents, home inspectors, and other professionals are busy! Getting ahold of your lender might be a seemingly endless game of phone tag. Meeting with your agent might require scheduling around other buyers or sellers. Your buyers might have trouble booking a home inspection appointment.

In the fall, everything slows down, giving you a little room to breathe, and a lot more time to speak one-on-one with the professionals you need to complete your sale. Your buyers may be able to process their mortgage approval more quickly, ultimately bringing a lot more flexibility into the transaction.

All in all, fall is a more relaxed, yet still profitable, time to list your home.

Thinking About Selling Your Home This Fall?

If you’re thinking about selling a home in the Crofton area this fall, I’d love to help. Contact me, Kyle McCarthy, today to learn more about how I can help you price your home, get it looking fantastic (online, too!), and list it for top dollar.

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