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5 Ways to Get Your Home Sold Before the Holidays

While spring and summer are the more “traditional” real estate selling seasons, fall can actually be a very profitable time to list your home. Reduced competition, eager buyers, and low interest rates all make for ideal selling conditions. However, selling during the holiday season can be a bit stressful, so you’ll probably want to wrap up your home sale as quickly as possible.

Here’s how to get your home sold before the holidays.

Set the Price Right

pricing a home to get it sold before the holidays

Any time you list a home for sale, the #1 most important thing you can do is to list it at the right price. During the spring and summer, overzealous sellers tend to bump up the prices on their homes in hopes of making a little extra money. Sometimes, if the market’s hot enough, they just might get lucky. During the fall and early winter, you’re less likely to end up with an anxious buyer willing to pay a higher price to beat the competition.

Starting your home sale at the right price—one that’s appealing to buyers but also protects your investment—is the best way to ensure that your home doesn’t sit on the market for weeks without any takers.

Declutter and Clean Meticulously

mopping and cleaning

Another must-do for any time you sell a home is to spend some time decluttering and cleaning. Clutter takes up space and makes your home seem small, crowded, or even dirty. Removing unused items from closets, storage spaces, and countertops gives your home a tidy, spacious appearance. Plus, getting rid of stuff now means moving less stuff later!

Cleaning is another must—no buyer wants to walk into a home filled with dust bunnies or admire the backyard view through grimy windows. Vacuum, scrub, and deep clean to make your home shine like it never has before, even if that means hiring a pro.

Decorate with Care

fireplace decorated for the holidays

Decorating for the holidays can definitely add a little seasonal cheer and festivity to your home, making it a warm and welcoming haven from the cold. But too much decor can be unappealing, off-putting, or even offensive. When decorating, it’s important to keep in mind that not all buyers have the same taste and style as you—or even celebrate the same holidays.

It’s always best to keep your decor simple and neutral. Aim for a winter theme rather than a holiday-specific look. Evergreen boughs, pinecones, snowflakes, and white lights are all a tasteful and simple way to add some cheer to your home.

Make Your Home an Internet Star

professional photo of a beautiful home

During the cooler (and often busier) fall and winter months, buyers may be more inclined to shop for homes solely from the comfort of their own home—that is, on the internet—rather than driving by or scheduling a showing to inspect a home in person. For you as a seller, that means your home really has to stand out online!

One of the best ways to do this is with professional staging and photography. Cleaned, decluttered, and staged homes look a lot better than “everyday” homes. And professional photography uses lighting and camera angles to highlight your home’s best features.

Hire a Fantastic Agent

realtor helping clients

The best way to ensure your home sells for the price you want and the timeline you need? By enlisting the help of a local agent who knows what they’re doing! A good agent can help take a lot of the stress of selling off your shoulders by handling a lot of the heavy lifting—pricing, staging, marketing and online listings, juggling showings, and more. Plus, having a good agent means having a skilled negotiator in your corner, someone to lend advice, offer support, and walk you through the entire home selling process, from start to finish.

Ready to Get Your Home Sold Before the Holidays?

Want to get your home sold before the holidays? Contact me, Kyle McCarthy. I’d love to help you price your home, get it looking fantastic, and list it with ease!

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