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Give Back This Holiday Season at These Local Baltimore Charities

The madness of the holiday season—shopping, wrapping, traveling, cooking, cleaning, hosting—can leave us with a sense of overwhelm, can take us away from the things that are most important to us, the things we should really be celebrating. This holiday season, take a step back from the stress and focus instead on what really matters—connections to the people we love, the people around us, and the people of our community.

This holiday season, give back. Here are six local Baltimore charities that need your compassion.

Living Classrooms Foundation

living classrooms, a local baltimore charity

What they do: Living Classrooms works to break the cycle of poverty while building a safer, stronger community. They provide hands-on education, workforce development, health and wellness programming, and violence prevention programming to children, youth, and adults.

How you can help: Donate, host a fundraiser, sponsor an event, volunteer, attend a special event, or even host a special event.

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Health Care for the Homeless

nurse with a patient

What they do: Health Care for the Homeless works to end homelessness and improve quality of life by providing health care and housing supports for community members in need. This includes physical and convalescent care, dental care, psychiatric care, addictions services, and more. It also entails assistance with securing temporary and permanent housing, group support activities, and assistance with transportation and securing documentation.

How you can help: Donate, fundraise, purchase Wish List items, attend an event, volunteer, or even just send a smile to a neighbor in need.

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MD Food Bank

handing out food to the homeless

What they do: Their mission is to end hunger, and they’re doing it by feeding families, one mouth at a time. The MD Food Bank has been feeding members of the greater Baltimore community for decades, so they know how to maximize resources—in fact, every donated dollar has a buying power of three meals. That leads to over 37 million distributed meals every year.

How you can help: Donate time or food, volunteer your time, host a food drive or fundraiser, or even participate in a virtual fundraiser.

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teens talking

What they do: They help connect teens and young adults throughout the Baltimore area with fulfilling summer employment in non-profit, government, and private-sector fields. This allows youth to develop healthy work habits and skills, and network with professionals while earning income.

How you can help: Make a financial donation, or host a YouthWorker. Have hiring power within your organization or company? Hire a youth!

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Baltimore Child Abuse Center

walking to school alone

What they do: BCAC offers support, resources, and aid to children and non-offending caretakers in abusive situations, as well as education and training for reporting abuse, preventing it, and supporting children who have endured it. Aid provided includes forensic interviews, medical treatment, and mental health treatment

How you can help: Give money. Give stock. Purchase Amazon Wish List items. Designate BCAC as the beneficiary of your workplace giving program. Create your own fundraiser.

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Center for Urban Families

happy family smiling

What they do: The Center provides resources, support, and education aimed at helping families achieve economic stability and success. They work to help clients overcome particular barriers to success, including employment, housing, childcare, life skills, education, and more. CFUF partners with local businesses and community members to offer workplace training, affordable housing, family services, emergency services, employment assistance, mental and physical health care, and more.

How you can help: Donate money, participate in an event, or contact CFUF to learn more about how you can help.

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Join the Baltimore Community This Holiday

Looking for local Baltimore charities to give to because you’re thinking of relocating to or buying a home in the Baltimore area? I’d love to help! Give me a call to find out more about how I can ensure you find the perfect home in just the right location.

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